Data Driven Analysis From City to State. For over 35 years Western Economic Services (WES) has been a leader in providing research, analysis and strategic planning support to public and private sector clients across the country with an emphasis on the housing and community development industries. Strategic Planning to Identify Needs and Solutions Every client faces unique issues. WES uses cutting edge data science and robust public involvement to undercover the most pressing needs and how they can best be addressed.

What we do

Client Satisfaction is Our Goal. Project Excellence is our Mission.

Why Choose us

Data Science Expertise

WES has extensive experience analyzing a wide variety of data using cutting edge data science platforms. These technical skills guarantee the data we report is accurate, timely, and pertinent to each project.

Engaging Public Involment

The consultants at WES are enthusiastic public speakers who make highly technical data easy to understand. Public involvement is an integral part of all studies we undertake and WES is expert at soliciting, engaging, and analyzing public input.

Technical Program Experience

WES is fully versed in all Consolidated Planning, Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice, Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing, Housing Needs Assessment, Annual Action Plan, and Citizen Participation Program requirements. WES is expert in the use of IDIS and other government reporting software.

Clear and Informative Written Analysis

WES strives to deliver a clear and comprehensive report that is useful to both the client and also the public which they serve. The main findings are based on data analysis, public involvement and client input. Our technical analysis is written to be easily understood, while remaining rich in detail.

Project Timeline

Every project begins with an orientation meeting to set clear deliverable deadlines, tentative public engagement dates, and review draft survey instruments. After the orientation meeting WES will deliver bi-weekly progress review memos until the project is completed.

WES begins comprehensive data gathering, analysis, and reporting. Progress review memos will report on the data collected and preliminary analysis. Surveys will be released to the public or stakeholders and public input meetings will be held. Preliminary survey results will be analyzed as results come in.

All of the data, analysis, survey results, and public input are compiled into a draft report for internal review. The draft report is based on progress review memos so the client is fully aware of the preliminary findings. The client is given ample time to review the document and offer suggestions on the findings and recommended actions. After the internal draft has been approved it is released to the public. During this public review period another public input meeting will be held. After this period closes, all comments are reviewed and final report is delivered.

More than 35 Years
of Experience

More than 100 projects
completed over the last 3 years
100% HUD Acceptance Rate
Projects Completed in 36 States
10 workers

Featured Works

Consolidated Plan and AI

WES successfully completed the State of Nebraska’s 2020 – 2025 Consolidated Plan and Analysis to Impediments of Fair Housing Choice.




Oakland County Analysis of Impediments to Fair Houisng Choice

Oakland County Michigan undertook a comprehensive AI, holding 10 meetings around the county and soliciting over 3,500 survey Responses.

Davenport, Moline and Rock Island HNA

WES conducted a multi-city regional Housing Needs Assessment for Davenport, Moline and Rock Island. The Analysis was done at a regional level as well as for individual cities.


Over the last three years we have worked with State and Local Governments in Arizona, Alabama, Arkansas, California, Iowa, Virginia, Michigan, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, Oregon, and Wyoming. These are only a small sample of our most recent work.

All of our clients are influenced by national trends as well as unique local issues. WES has the experience and perspective to identity both issues and propose solutions effective to each unique client.

Statewide Profiles and Interactive Dashboards

Iowa Profile

The State of Iowa Profile includes comprehensive Demographic, Economic and Housing data for 45 Regions, 99 counties, and 1,009 cities. The on-line Dashboard lets users explore and compare this information in an intuitive interactive framework.




Nebraksa Profile

The State of Nebraska Profile includes comprehensive Demographic, Economic and Housing data for 9 Regions, 93 counties, and 532 cities. The on-line Dashboard lets users explore and compare this information in an interactive framework.

Wyoming Profile

The State of Wyoming Profile includes comprehensive Demographic, Economic and Housing data for 6 Regions, 23 counties, and 203 cities. The on-line Dashboard lets users explore and compare this information in an interactive framework.


Statewide Profiles provide an extensive amount of data and analysis for every area in the state, regardless of population size. WES strives to provide smaller communities with access to the same actionable information as larger cities and counties.

Interactive Dashboards are an intuitive way to explore the data, compare different areas to assess different needs around the state. Each dashboard presents the information graphically, tabularly, and spatially. Please click above to explore them.

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