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Welcome to the Iowa Interactive Dashboard
Program Description
2020 Profile of Iowa

The Profile of Iowa, sponsored by the Iowa Finance Authority, is undertaken annually to continue improving, enhancing, expanding, and making more readily available information about homeownership and rental housing needs in the State. The objective is to continually provide current, high-quality, relevant information about factors that influence the development, production, use, rehabilitation, and need for housing and housing services in Iowa’s local communities.

Volume II represents a county-by-county analysis, identifying pertinent statistics for all of Iowa’s 99 counties. It is a large report, and as such is released as a three-volume report.

Volume III examines 28 cities in the state. It represents a summary analysis of demographic, economic, and housing statistics, as well as population, rental vacancy data and housing production and cost information.

In addition there are 51 separate regional reports, highlighting Local Housing Trust Funds, Council of Governments as well as seven geographically defined regions. Custom regions can be created by selecting "Custom Region" under the regional dropdown.

All historical reports can be found under the "Reports" tab.

Regional Definitions can be found here: ICOG and LHTF.

Dashboard Instructions

- Welcome to the Iowa Dashboard, the interactive companion to the Iowa Profile!

- This dashboard is intended to supplement the users analysis of data contained in the full Iowa Profile . Not all data or data fields contained in the report will be available here on the dashboard and users are directed to the full report to obtain additional data.

Use the control panel to the left to examine Demographic, Economic, or Housing concepts. Use the area selector to choose between regions, counties, or the state.

The 'Statewide Overview' Tab, gives additional controls to examine overall comparisons at the state level.

The 'Interactive Charts' Tab, allows interactive analysis of many data concepts by year.

The "Data Download" Tab allows you to download the data into .csv files.

A print out of the dashboard screen can be made by using the print menu in the browser. Print in landscape for best effect. Charts may also be printed separately, or downloaded as an image.

The "Interactive Long Read" button will display all the information displayed in the dashboard as an interactive report.

The complete report for Iowa and all county and regional level jurisdictions can be opened by the "Open Profile" buttons on the bottom of the control panel at left, or directly from the IFA's Website.

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    *While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the data, this data is provided AS IS, without warranty of any kind.

    2020 Profile of Iowa Report Download Section

    -The Profile of Iowa - Volume I presents demographic, economic, and housing data about Iowa, both statewide and regionally.

    -Volume II presents reports for all counties in Iowa and can be downloand in four chapters, or by individual counties.

    -Volume III present reports for Iowa's 28 Class one cities and can be downloaded as a complete volume or by individual cities.

    -Historical reports for all volumes are also available to download below.

    To Download Reports Enter Selection Criteria Below, or Click Here For:

    Iowa Finance Authority

    The Iowa Finance Authority was established in 1975 to undertake programs to assist in the attainment of housing for low- and moderate-income Iowans. Since then, the Iowa Finance Authority's role has expanded considerably.

    The Iowa Finance Authority offers a variety of programs that address a continuum of housing needs, from homeless assistance to multi-family rental to single-family homeownership.

    In addition to offering statewide affordable housing resources, the Iowa Finance Authority also offers a wide variety of other programs to assist in community development, including the issuance of tax-exempt bonds, providing the lowest cost funds for drinking water and wastewater facilities in Iowa and Iowa Title Guaranty, offering guarantee title to real property in Iowa.

    Single Family Programs

    IFA Offices

    2015 Grand Ave.
    Des Moines, Iowa 50312
    (515) 725-4900 (Phone)
    (515) 725-4901 (Fax)


    IFA Website

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