Operating Partner

Robert Gaudin

Mr. Gaudin’s consulting qualifications pertinent to housing and community development evaluations include design, stewardship, analysis, document preparation, and presentation of most studies conducted by WES.

Robert Gaudin - Operating Partner

  • Post Graduate Training, Business Research Methods, Survey Design, Systems Theory, Portland State University
  • Master’s Degree, Applied Economics, Portland State University
  • Bachelor of Science, Political Science and Economics, University of Montana

Senior Staff

Megan Brace

Ms. Brace leads researchers in the development of CDBG, HOME, ESG, HTF, HMIS, and HOPWA documentation.  She also assesses and interprets local land use ordinances and policies, inspects zoning codes and related planning documents as they relate to promoting affordable housing and their relationship to encouraging affirmatively furthering fair housing.

Tim Gottgetreu

Mr. Gottgetreu has designed, constructed, and continues to develop and operate all housing dashboards and other online digital projects under the WES professional service umbrella.  He has conducted research in systems analysis, systems modeling, econometrics, and mathematical economics

Kristen Bennett

Ms. Bennett conducts quality controls, source verification, and otherwise assists in document preparation and design. Additionally, she manages, develops, edits, and implements our telephone, internet, and printed surveys.

Megan Brace - Senior Project Manager

  • Master of Public Administration, California State University
  • Bachelor of Arts, Urban Studies, University of California

Tim Gottgetreu - Director of Research

  • Doctoral Study, Economics, University of Oregon
  • Master’s Degree, Economics, University of Maine
  • Bachelor of Science, Economics, Mary Washington College

Kristen Bennett - Operations Manager

  • Bachelor’s Degree, Liberal Studies, Portland State University
  • Associate of Arts, The Community College of Baltimore County

Research Team

Brandon Giatti

Mr. Giatti’s primary role is to analyze and present demographic, economic, housing, and other data for housing and community development projects, and assist the other analysts in the processing and evaluation of data. In particular, he applies his skills in thematic mapping and characterizing spatial relationships.

Spencer Keating

Mr. Keating supports the team by cleaning and preparing data for presentation and analysis, building insightful visualizations, and assembling narrative that highlights key features of the data.

Brandon Giatti - GIS & Data Scientist

  • Master of Science, Computer Science, Portland State University
  • Master of Science, Applied Physics, Portland State University
  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, Portland State University
  • Bachelor of Science, Physics, California State University

Spencer Keating - Data Analyst

  • Bachelor of Science, Economics, University of Oregon